Link titleKuno the Tank Engine was a Thomas spin-off series and sister series to Thomas & Friends New Engine Slideshow that was created by Felix Cheng. It was a series where Thomas based characters were given the names of YouTube users. Though there were some exceptions including Kuno, Kodachi Ranko and Molly Hite who weren't named after anyone. The series started off as a troll payback, but by part 3, friend users were added to the series. Kuno the Tank Engine lasted for 17 episodes (20 if you count both remakes of Part 5 and the remake to 8). There was to be a part 18, but this was likely canceled when Felix Cheng's account, AlexKouhiFan, was wrongly suspended. Though Kuno the Tank Engine was the inspiration for other spin-off series.



  • Because Part 18 was canceled, only characters up to the eleventh season of TTTE were used. Though Part 4 was the first part to have an eleventh season character.
  • Starting from Part 10, a South Park-based disclaimer was used at the begining of each video. But rather than stating it should not be viewed by anyone, it stated anyone except spammers should view it. Mainly since trolls were still be used at this time.
  • In 2013, Eli J. Brown, Felix Cheng's best friend in 2007 and 2008 did a tribute to Kuno the Tank Engine using some pictures that he uploaded on Majhost.